3 Days in Sydney

the post where I talk about my Sydney experiences..


Sydney.. hmm where do I start? I had a love hate relationship with this city.

If you’ve travelled Australia, or thought about travelling Australia, then you’ve probably heard this ‘people either love Melbourne or Sydney’, and I definitely preferred Melbourne.

I think I need to paint a picture here of my 3 days in Sydney for you to fully understand my point.

Sydney 6.jpg

I arrive in Sydney on a rainy rainy morning, it’s 6:30am, I have just finished a 12 hour coach journey from Melbourne and I’m pretty exhausted and hungry.

I realise I actually have no idea where my hostel is from the train station, so as I squat under a tiny bit of shelter to avoid the rain, I discover to my horror the hostel in a 30 minute walk away. 30 minutes isn’t that far, but when you’re carrying 15kg on your back at 5:30 in the morning on hardly any sleep in the rain, it seems like a bloody marathon.


After a train ride (super lazy) and a 10 minute walk, I arrive at Base Sydney, and I’m greeted with the usual, ‘you cannot check in until 2pm’. YAAAAAS.

I mean this isn’t the end of the world because they do let you leave your luggage in the holding room, but all I really wanted to do was lie down. So grumpily I bump my stuff and decide to go and find the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge.

In all honesty, I do understand the hype with the Harbour Bridge, it’s crazy and like bam in your face. The Opera House was smaller than expected, but still pretty interesting.


I’m not going to dwell too much on my first couple of hours in Sydney, because if my situation had been different with timings and weather I’m sure I would’ve appreciated the city a lot more.

Sydney 7.jpg
view over Bondi beach

Accomodation – Base Sydney, $29 for a 10 mixed dorm. They do pretty good deals and events at the hostel. Weekly BBQ in the bar next door, weekly day trip to Bondi and Bronte beach, competitions (all of these are free).

Transport – I didn’t uses any public transport in Sydney (apart from my train to the hostel) because the hostel was pretty central.

Food – Coles and Woolies are probably your best bet. Many of the hostel bars do a meal for $10, steak and chips, pizza, etc


Things to do in Sydney

Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge are definitely must sees. You can’t really go to Sydney and not see these iconic landmarks.

There is a lovely walk from Bronte to Bondi beach you can take that is only about a 30 minute leisurely stroll. Also there are free BBQ facilities on Bronte so make sure you take some food with you.

Sydney 3

Sydney Bridge Climb is another must do, probably not for the faint hearted though. Prices range from  $178-$378 depending on when in the day you want to climb. The most expensive, and most popular being ‘twilight’ where you can see the sun set over the city.

Blue Mountains is amazing day trip that takes you up to the mountains and around the landscape. I booked my tour with Mad Travels and this price mentioned in my Melbourne post also included the entrance to Featherdale.


All in all Sydney wasn’t the worst place in the world, but I wasn’t a massive fan of the CBD. To me it reminded me a lot of central London. Everyone rushing around to get to work in their suits and running trainers. This is probably why I made the effort to get out of the city as much as possible as do trips such as Bondi beach and the Blue Mountains.


around the world in endless days





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