The Koala’s of Port Macquarie

the post where I express my love for koala’s


Sydney to Port Macquarie was my first journey on my Greyhound hop on hop off pass.

I had already seen a couple of Koala’s at Featherdale outside Sydney, mentioned here, but I was eager to see more. I had heard about a Koala Hospital in Port Macquarie that rescues and rehabilitates injured koala’s.

PM 2

In Port Macqaurie I was staying at Port Macquarie Backpackers (highly highly recommend) and they kindly drove us down to the Hospital which is free to get in.

Once you get to the hospital you are taken around in tours where they tell you detailed information about the individual koala’s they there, and their release times (if they can be released). Unfortunately some of the koala’s will be living there permanently, like Barrington Xavier who is permanently blind.. it’s much kinder for him to be cared for there.

pm 3.jpg
Barrington Xavier

Before going travelling I was always really sceptical about these sort of ‘sanctuary’s’. You know the ones you see on the news where they say they’re helping the animals, then someone releases a BTS video and you see the animal being abused. Well thankfully this wasn’t the case with the Koala Hospital. I can safely say this is a genuine sanctuary where they try their hardest to release as many of the animals as possible.

Visitors are welcome at the koala hospital from 8am to 4:30pm where you can walk around and see the koala’s they care from. At 3pm you can get a guided tour where you will see the animals being fed by the volunteers.

Photos are allowed, but no flash photography.

I would highly highly recommend the Koala Hospital are a free and fun activity in Port Macquarie.


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