3 Hours in Palestine

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I remember when my friends asked me where I was going on holiday and I replied ‘Palestine’ and they all laughed and said ‘no seriously, where are you going?’, to which I again replied ‘Palestine!’

I guess Palestine probably wasn’t what they were expecting to hear. Spain, France, Italy, yes, Palestine, no. But hey, I’ve done those places, let’s try something different.

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If you haven’t seen my previous post about my travels in Israel, then I suggest you click on that post first, so this post makes sense.

So after leaving the markets of Old Jerusalem we boarded back onto the coach to cross the border to the West Bank. As you can imagine, much like the Berlin Wall separating west and east Germany in a lot of the 20th century, the wall splitting Israel and Palestine is pretty much the same. A massive wall with barbed wire and security everywhere.

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As we approached the wall we had guards come on the coach and check everybody’s passports. Satisfied, we were free to cross. Unfortunately our tour guide for Jerusalem wasn’t allowed to be our tour guide for Bethlehem as he was permitted to work in Palestine, but a local guide continued the tour.

Bethlehem is just beautiful, but so so different from Jerusalem. You can really see the divide in the two cities.

Our trip was short, and we spent most of our time at the Church of Nativity, a church that now stands over the supposed birth of Jesus Christ. It was so crazy going in, knowing I was going to be standing next to the place where Jesus was born all those years ago. Whether you believe in Jesus or not, it’s still a pretty interesting place to visit.

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We didn’t spend a lot of time in beautiful Bethlehem, but apart from the Church of Nativity I’m not sure if there was a lot more to see.

After my journey to the Middle East I have a complete different view. Yes there are issues, but I personally witnessed nothing there, and I did not once feel threatened or in danger.

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