6 Tips for Solo Female Travel

the post where I talk about female advice..


So you’re going travelling? Travelling alone? As a female? Isn’t that dangerous? Will you be safe? Are you sure you want to do that?


I’m sure we’ve all heard one of those questions, if not all of them at one point or another. I know I heard all six, and I still hear them now when people from home find out I’m travelling.

Here are some helpful tips, that have definitely helped me along the way




I’m not telling you to be terrified and trust nobody, but be vigilant. Just because you’re abroad and acting like a holiday, it doesn’t mean you’re invincible. When I go to a foreign country, especially alone, I write down the local emergency numbers and local words that can help you in you get lost or injured.


If you’re travelling to South India, make sure you cover your shoulders, chest and knees. If you’re entering a mosque, cover your hair. This really helps if you want to blend in, and avoid the unwanted stares and attention. A lot of the time when you travel you don’t want to look like a tourist, blending in with their clothes etc will definitely help you fit in more.

india 1.jpg


This one is mainly for locations like Asia, but not limited to. Getting off the coach in the dead of night on an unlit road with no internet on your phone probably isn’t the safest. I personally always book flights/coaches where I know I’ll be arriving in the day time. Or at least know someone is picking me up from the other end safely.


Solo travelling doesn’t mean you’re going to be alone. Whether you’re in a 16 bed dorm or camping on Fraser Island, you’re pretty much always surrounded by people. My mums biggests fear before I started travelling was that I would be alone constantly and that would be dangerous. I don’t think there has been a day where I’ve been completely alone unless out of choice.

aus 2



Before you venture off into the Amazon Rainforest, tell someone, maybe some back home, where you’re going and the rough amount you’ll be gone for. That way, if no one here’s from you, then they can give a rough location of where you were last seen. I know a lot of people like to be care-free and separated from home, but sometimes that isn’t a good idea.

scot 1.jpg



If you feel that something doesn’t seem right, then you’re probably right. If you ever feel uncomfortable in a situation, don’t feel nervous to leave or speak up. Travelling alone can be daunting sometimes, but it doesn’t mean you have to be scared. Don’t leave you luggage unattended, and don’t be too trusting of everyone. Not everybody you meet is going to have good intentions.


This one probably makes me sound like a party pooper, trust me, I’m not trying to be. I’ve seen too many occasions where girls (and guys) drink way too much and end up in sticky situations. Yes have a drink, enjoy yourself, but know your limits, especially when you’re in an unfamiliar foreign country.

aud 3.jpg


But at the end of the day, enjoy yourself. Travelling alone is one of the best decisions I have ever made.


Until next time x



Riding to Paradise on the Whitsundays

the post where I talk about heaven..

Just two weeks after visiting the beautiful Fraser Island, I was off on another stunning adventure.. this time to Whitsundays. My trip began on the popular town of Airlie Beach, which is the launching point for the majority of Whitsundays trips.

If you know me, then you’ll know me and boats do not get along. I struggle to be on a boat for more than an hour before I throw up, and carry on throwing up until I step off my boat again. The idea of spending three nights on a boat with 30 people, and sleeping there too, was enough to put me off going. This was until I was told about Ride to Paradise. A Whitsundays trip where you stay on a resort complex, and go on a speed boat from Island to Island and activity to activity. Bingo, perfect for me.

Prices start from $569, for two days two nights, all food and accomdation included (but I get mine in a package I mentioned in my Melbourne post).

There isn’t a lot to say about Whitsundays apart from OMGGGGG. I was so so lucky that when I went it was clear blue skies, perfectly still water, and hot.


Instead of going into massive depths about the clear waters, pure white sands, snorkelling with turtles and sting rays (did I make you jealous?) I’ll let you look at some photos instead.


WS 4

WS 5

WS 3

WS 2

ws 6.jpg

WS 7

WS 8


unfortunately all my gopro footage from the snorkelling is currently stuck on my gopro.. but that will be uploaded as soon as I’m able to transfer over


around the world in endless days

Where have I been??

the post where I apologise for being crap at blogging..

Hello, I’m back *hides face in shame*

The whole point of this blog was to document my travelling. Well I’ve been travelling for 5 months now and I’ve made precisely 0 blog posts. Zero, nothing, nought, none.

I know I know, terrible. But I do have an explanation, well more of an excuse really.

I’m new to this whole travelling malarkey. It was my first time in a hostel, and to be truthfully honest I have no clue what I was doing whatsoever. As you can imagine, flying 24 hours around the world by yourself, landing in a brand new continent can be pretty overwhelming. I did plan to blog, but yeah, that didn’t happen.

Well enough of me trying to justify my actions, I will now try and get into what I was going to say.


So on the 29th November 2016 I left raining Cheltenham to flew to Australia. I landed in Meblourne on the 1st December at 7:30am, and I had no idea where the hell I was. Since then I have travelled Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland. I’m not going to go into too much detail here as I am (hopefully) going to make individual blog posts on some of my adventures up the East Coast.

Brace yourselves people, this is where it gets good. I have made a friend here (I know, exciting), and when my visa expires in December, we are going travelling and she is coming back to England with me. Hopefully by then I would’ve worked out how to hostel and blog at the same time, and I won’t leave it 5 months until you hear from me again.

But yes.. that was the reason for my blog post today. So people (mainly my mum) know I’m alive and well, and just merely go so side tracked with life that blogging wasn’t something that came to mind *I did try and do vlogmas, got to day 5 and realised I can’t vlog*

In order for this blog to work I really do need to try and jazz it up a bit, you know make it all fancy so people think I’m a professional (fingers crossed anyway).

Until next time


To Travel Or Not To Travel?

That is the question..


Birth. School. School. College. University. Job. Marriage. Children. Retire. Die

Where in that list do you get time to travel? Do you skip University, not get a job, don’t have children? Or can you still do all of those and travel?

So far I have done birth, school, school, college, job, travel.. and now planning more travelling, having deferred university twice. This probably isn’t the most standard route, but it seems to be a lot more common nowadays. Young adults, in their late teens early 20s are going on the ‘gap yah’ before University. A lot of people say this is the only time you get to travel before you settle down with your life and get tied into too many commitments to actually ‘live’.

I remember being at sixth form and turning up to one of those sessions where lecturers come in from Universities and try and sell it to you. I remember walking out of the hall after, turning to my Head of Sixth Form and telling him that I won’t be applying to Uni.I remember he made me write a personal statement, a personal statement that had no life or drive in because frankly I had no passion for Uni. I remember after results I panicked that I would have no career, so I applied through clearing and go accepted onto a Criminology and Psychology course (even though I knew I didn’t want to do that as a career). And finally, I remember deferring that place two days later, and the year after, because I realised that Uni is for everyone, but the world is.

So now I’m sat in my living room, having worked in insurance for a year and a half, quitting that job to volunteer in India for 3 months, and now I’m thinking what to do next. After getting back from India I had numerous people asking me, ‘so which Uni are you going to in September?’. They were shocked and very often confused when I replied, ‘no I’m not going to Uni.’ A lightbulb would soon click and they would then proclaim, ‘oh, so you have a good job lined up?’. Again, ‘no, no job lined up.’ You would then see their face register that I was going to be a bum, on the dole, lay about or simply a dosser.

Finally I would tell them about my plans to travel the world, to which they would scoff and joke about me going on a ‘gap yah’.

‘So what are your plans when you return?’

‘I don’t know..’

‘What career are you going to do?

‘I don’t know..’

‘Are you going to go to Uni after?’

‘I don’t know..’

‘What do you mean you don’t know?’

‘I just don’t know..’


But I think that is the beauty of it, I DON’T KNOW. I’m 21 years old, am I really meant to know what I want to do with my life? I’ve heard numerous stories of people who do years at University to be a doctor, they complete all the relevant exams, do all the relevant training, have a year in the profession, and then they realise they actually want to be a stand up comedian and they rushed into what they thought was the right thing to do.

I’m 21 for goodness sake. I want to see the world, experience new things, live a life of adventure and wonder. Yes, that might not be the ideal life for everyone. I understand a lot of people go to University straight after school, get their degree, go into their desired profession, and stay there until they retire, absolutely loving it. Kudos to them. But that’s not me, and as far into the future as I can see, that won’t ever be me.

So yes, to everyone who is asking, I am off on my gap yah to galavant around the world, with no true goal in sight. I want to see the Taj Mahal, the Great Barrier Reef and Machu Picchu. I want to reach base camp of Everest and walk The Great Wall of China.  I want to lie beneath the stars of the Australian outback and the Aurora Borealis of Iceland, with no real aim and journey planned.

To me, that is my life. One day I will settle, or return to where I am now. Hell I may be back in two months, but maybe, just maybe, I will never come back. I may go to Jordan or Japan and realise this is where I should be my whole life.

But until then, I will step on that plane next month, and say goodbye to Cheltenham and hello to Melbourne. The rest of my life starts then, and I cannot bloody wait.


Until next time,